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May 16, 2011

One little Word Makes a BIG Difference

When searching for graphics on the internet, free could be a bad word.

'Royalty-free', a very important descriptive attached to the service provided by, is a different story. What this term means is that when you make the decision to purchase a subscription or image from us, you have access to millions of some of the world's best images, fonts and animations, without any hidden costs. While the idea of getting something for nothing is undeniably appealing, that doesn't hold true in the world of online graphics.

Another benefit of purchasing images from is quality. All of the images are high resolution, 300 dpi, ensuring they will be a clean, crisp, professional addition to your project. If you've ever taken a 'free' image from a website you know it certainly offers no such guarantee.

Also, by purchasing artwork you help support the talented people who create the graphics. But even more importantly, you protect yourself. Lifting 'free' Images you might find on others websites is essentially theft and could land you in a lot of trouble.

To provide more detail and explanation, here's a link to an article we discovered, by graphic designer Chris Dunmire, that you might find of interest. It clearly outlines the risks in using web graphics for print:

How To...

How can I find out how large the photo will print out?

The sizes of our images are listed on the website and to find out how large it will print out, just divide each of the pixel dimensions by 300 (300 dpi is the standard resolution for printing) to get the printed size in inches. If you are printing at a lower resolution, then the final printed size will be larger.
*Tip* Computer screens have resolution of 72 dpi.

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