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Aug 18, 2011

Play Time with Vectors

With access to online graphics, you don't need to be a budding artist to create dazzling projects. Sometimes, however, it is fun to play.

Whether adding, subtracting, or altering an image you're interested in, there's one format that allows you to download an image, then redesign or resize to suit your personal needs or style.

The versatile vector is unlike bitmap images as it's based on mathematical equations such as points, lines and curves, rather than being comprised of pixels. Therefore while a jpg or png might distort somewhat when you resize it, the vector formats will maintain an image's crispness and quality, making them perfect for large projects.

Another attribute of vectors is that they will, 100 per cent of the time, have no background. They can, therefore, be placed over other images, allowing the bottom one to show through.

Should you find two images close to what you want, but neither is exactly what you're looking for on its own, choosing vectors will allow you to combine elements of both to create your own uniquely perfect design.

Perfection, of course, is elusive, even for vectors. One disadvantage they have is that they cannot be used in producing realistic photos, as they don't possess a continuous flow of subtle colour tone and shade variations.

Vector images are available in a number of formats on, including AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and WMF. Working with vectors does require quality image editing software, however. Among the most popular are CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. While vectors can be opened in Adobe Photoshop or free software programs such as GIMP, they will rasterize the image, meaning that you would no longer be able to work with the vector data. This is not to say that they don't have their uses. For example Adobe Photoshop does allow you to increase the size of an image when you open it.

To help you learn more about vectors check out these two informative sites: and

Helpful Sites

We have heard comments from people regarding how to open an AI file in CorelDRAW, or if it's possible. Check out this website:

How To...

When I try and download a WMF file it opens in a program and I cannot save it to my computer.

When you get to the instruction page screen, please right click directly on the continue button and this should give you the option to "Save Target As". When you choose this option a file save box will pop up and you will have the choice of changing the file name and choosing a directory to save the image in. Please ensure the file extension is correct before you save the file.

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