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Sep 14, 2011

Create a savvy presentation with PowerPoint and

In this fast-paced competitive world presenting yourself in a professional manner is essential for success. With companies looking not just at content, but how that content is introduced, it's imperative that professionals looking to make an impression know how to produce a powerful presentation. In the corporate world savvy presenters no longer stand at the front of the room with flip charts, whiteboards and slide projectors. Today the way to get attention, whether in the boardroom or classroom, is with a PowerPoint demonstration.

The images, fonts, sounds and animations from will most certainly enhance your PowerPoint presentation, but not everyone has the expertise within their company to create it. Fortunately, the internet, as always, is there to help. A simple search turns up a number of websites offering tutorials and tips.

Here are two we found to help get you started: and

How To...

How do I remove the white box (background) from the image I want?

JPG files will always have a background since that type of file does not support transparency. In some cases the PNG and GIF files on our website will already have a transparent background. If you download one of the vector file formats you should be able to re-save the image in your image editing software without any background. Note: you need to either have a Subscription Plus or a Professional Subscription in order to download vector images from Most image editing software will let you remove the background of an image manually, and there are many tutorials on Google on how to accomplish this.

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