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iCLIPART.com Newsletter ~ February 2012

iCLIPART.com Newsletter ~ February 2012

Feb 7, 2012

It only takes minutes to change a colour

How to edit an iCLIPART.com image for use in commercial products continues to be a topic of discussion for our customer support team. Last month we suggested how easy it can be to combine images. This time we thought we'd look at changing a colour.

Assuming that it's about making a change for change's sake, you can opt for the simplest option. Image editing software is of course a requirement and the help links on their websites will walk you through the process. With a variety of free image editing software available online, including www.gimp.org and www.getpaint.net there's no reason to not jump right in and discover how easy it actually is.

To prove the point, we set a novice on our staff on to the task:

"With Valentine's Day on the horizon I decided to have some fun with one of our cute cartoons, image #179274. Selecting the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop, I clicked on the tunic then set the tolerance to 100 percent. After choosing the Paint Bucket Tool, I selected my colour and clicked. Beyond easy. Another option is to go to 'Edit' > 'Fill' to make the change. I followed the same process to alter the shoes.

For the next image, having selected iCLIPART.com image #163929 in a PNG file, I decided a simple fix would be to change the colour of the little girl's slacks. Opening the image in Adobe Photoshop, I clicked the Colour Replacement Tool in the bar at the left and chose a colour, clicked on the portion I decided to change and scribbled like a toddler with a marker and a wall. Less than two minutes later I was ready to save my completed work.

I wondered, however, what could be done with an image that was not quite so basic. I selected a JPG file of a little flower girl, #411543. I selected 'Image' > 'Adjustments' > 'Replace Colour'. After clicking on a portion of the dress to select a colour, I then selected the 'Add to Sample' eyedropper to select more of the colour to change. A slight change in the Hue slider met my requirements for editing the colour in again, just a few short minutes.

Finally, I chose a hearts and ribbons image, #156707 in a JPG file. After opening the image in Photoshop I selected 'Layer' > 'New Adjustment Layer' > 'Selective Colour'. A drop down list appears and I selected the colours I wanted to change, then basically played to get different effects. Again this took less than two minutes.

I was quite frankly amazed that the process was this easy. Here are my results."

The website that helped walk our novice through the steps was; http://tinyurl.com/7pqvbgx, which was discovered through a quick Google search.

How To...

I downloaded an image and now I cannot find it on my computer?

Please follow the steps below to try and resolve this problem:

- If you know the file name of the image you downloaded, you can try searching your computer for it.

- If you use Firefox, you can either specify an automatic download directory (pick something you will remember) or prompt you to pick a location each time you make a download.

- If you are asked where you want to save the image, make sure you pick a location where you will be easily able to find the image again e.g. "Desktop" or "My Documents".

*Tip* If an image is important to you, why not save it into a basket so that you can always find it again?

Customer Feedback

I LOVE iclipart.com — use it all the time for lots of stuff. - G. Jones

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