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Mar 16, 2012

Separate what you want from what you don't

"I've found an image I love, but it's part of a set. How do I get rid of the parts I don't want?"

There are times when the only thing keeping an image from being perfect for your project is not what it's missing, but what it isn't. The good news is that by using image editing software, getting something out of the picture can be a snap.

For this exercise, we chose to work a little magic with Adobe Photoshop using two PNG files. The first project, since Saint Patrick's Day is on its way, was to remove the background design on Image #311854, leaving the barmaid, the beer, and the banner. Using the Quick Selection Tool we were able to choose large sections at the top, which were then removed using 'Edit'>'Cut'. (To do more than one area at a time hold down the Shift button as you select sections.)

The background parts of the image closer to the beer steins were trickier as the bottoms of the mugs kept disappearing too. However, this was remedied by selecting the Magic Eraser Tool and clicking on each segment.

Another scenario is when the image you find on is ideal, but just happens to be part of a set. This was the case with Image #311854. The process for isolating the one from the others is quite straightforward. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to separate the preferred clipart, then 'Select'>'Inverse' to highlight the unwanted images. 'Edit'>'Cut' leaves us with the single Saint Pat's stamp. The Magic Eraser was used to clean up the white around the outside.

If you don't have image editing software, not to worry. As we've mentioned in previous newsletters there are free examples online to download. Once you have them on your computer, the Help links will guide you through any editing project. or are just two examples that can help you separate what you want from what you don't.

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