Tuesday, April 24, 2012

iCLIPART.com Newsletter ~ April 2012

iCLIPART.com Newsletter ~ April 2012

Apr 24, 2012

Your choice of editing software

We have spent the past several newsletters explaining how easy it can be to edit an iCLIPART.com image. That said, regardless of how simple the process is, without image editing software it can't be done. Yet, for people starting in small business, or for everyday people working on everyday projects, it's not always economically feasible, or even worthwhile, to purchase expensive software.

Don't despair, however. There are many online alternatives to costly programs, two of which, GIMP and Paint(dot)NET, we regularly mention to our customers.

Life, as we know, is all about choice and what works for someone may not be the ideal for another. Individual needs and capabilities are as variable and complex as the world-wide web itself. So we went on a small quest to see what other options we might uncover. Interestingly one website did most of the work for us. www.mashable.com/2007/10/27/graphics-toolbox/ provided links to, and information about, a number of possibilities, including the two most familiar to us. Here is a précised version of what Graphics Toolbox had to say:

For people in search of a manipulation program that works well for photo retouching and image creation, www.gimp.org could be the perfect solution, while, www.getpaint.net is image and photo editing software for Windows computers.

www.ultimatepaint.com is a speedy graphics program, also for Windows, with plenty of features.

www.skencil.org is a vector drawing program with many features, such as gradient fills and bezier curves.

A vector graphics editor, www.inkscape.org is a good option for people interested in something akin to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

SmoothDraw at www.smoothdraw.com is a freehand drawing tool, which will also smooth lines drawn with a mouse.

For people who like to paint without the mess www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/free/ is a functional program developed for the PC.

www.sodipodi.com is a vector-based program with a ton of features, such as the ability to create vertical text, and out-of-centre gradients.

A freeware paint and drawing program for Windows, www.artweaver.de/home-en/ has a wide range of painting tools, and comes in free and cost versions.

The bottom line? Finding the right program for you needn't mean losing cash or settling for something you don't find user-friendly. Remember, all of the above were a result of one quick search. If nothing here appeals to you, don't be deterred. Keep looking. Having choices ensures there no reason to shy away from taking a stab at editing.


Do I have to pay any additional fees to use the images once I have purchased a subscription or individual image?

No, there are no additional fees to download and use the images that are included in your subscription level since all our content is royalty free. Information about the different levels of subscriptions we offer can be seen in the following chart: www.iclipart.com/chart.php.

What Folks Are Saying About Us

Thanks. I have had a very helpful membership for quite a while now with iclipart.com via my business. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great site at such a reasonable price. For a new small business with only 2 employees, sites like yours help make it easy for us to keep our customer costs down while still making money. Kelly R. - Stayner, ON

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