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Apr 7, 2011

Create a New Spin on an Image

Whether you're a graphic designer or a grandma working on a special family memento, finding that perfect image at is easy, thanks to the diversity supplied by our many talented artists, and our various search options. Even so, for novices delving into the world of graphics can be intimidating, especially if using an image isn't going to be as straightforward as they hoped. For instance, there are times when a transparent background is required, and while a png may have one, depending on how the artist created the image, a jpg will always have a background colour. Only with vectors, a graphic that can be altered without any loss of quality, is transparency of background guaranteed. This may then seem the obvious choice. However, one would soon discover that advanced image editing software, something industry amateurs may not have, is required to open a vector file.

Professional software programs (like Adobe Creative Suite and CorelDRAW) are quality products providing tools to work one's own magic on an image. However, they can be rather expensive for hobbyists. The good news though is there are free options online for those for whom such an investment just wouldn't make sense.

One of the most popular is GIMP which can be downloaded at With this program people can add items, remove backgrounds and size an image as necessary, to name just a few of its attributes. A quick Google search also brings up a number of other free options, some specific to a task. This link ( is for Graphic Toolbox, a fun site that lists 35 free graphics programs.

While it's possible to find an image that won't require editing, with a little work, creativity and imagination you can open the door to a number of other possibilities. Be fearless. Have some fun and create a new spin on your favourite image!

How To...

How do I get the font from inside the ZIP file?

In newer versions of Windows and Mac computers, all you need to do is double-click on the ZIP file and then follow the installation instructions below with the TTF (TrueType font) file. Older versions of Windows may require a program like WinZip in order to extract the font.

How to I install your fonts on my computer?

Since the process varies depending on the version of your operating system, we recommend these great links to our customers:
Apple Mac:

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