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June 18, 2012

The benefit of the basket

From moms crafting with love, a homemade invitation for their child's birthday party, to graphic artists creating unique designs for hundreds of clients, the needs of customers are as diverse as the projects they work on. While some stop by now and then seeking out that one perfect image, others are accessing the site multiple times throughout a day with their mind on various undertakings.

A special feature on the site which will meet the needs of everyone, however is the handy basket system. The main benefit of the baskets, or lightboxes, is that you needn't download images until you are sure you want to use them, but will still be able to find them quickly when that time comes. In this way you are flagging favourites without wasting time downloading images you don't end up using.

Using the baskets is quite simple too. At the top right corner of the page after signing in you will see in green, the "Basket" link, above

This will take you to a drop down menu where you can add and name baskets intended for your projects.

Then when you are on the preview page for an image you like, simply go to the "add to basket" link below the keywords and select the one you want. It's that easy.

When you're ready to download, just go back to the "Basket" link at the top of the page, choose one, find the image you want and download.

Need a second opinion on what image will work the best? The baskets are also the perfect solution for this. Professionals choosing images for a client, for example, can create a basket to essentially make suggestions and leave the final decision to the client. Just "Share this basket" by emailing the link located at the bottom of the page, directly to the customer so they can choose the image that appeals most to them.

The best thing about the baskets is that you can store as many images as you want. There's no end and no limit. Peruse the great images you find on and when you see some you like, file them away, just for fun. You never know what future project they might be perfect for, and how nice it will be to have them ready with just a click of the mouse.


Can I share my account with another person?

Unless you arranged special licensing with us each account (username and password) can only be used by one user. If you have a laptop and a desktop computer you are able to access your account from both machines. If multiple people in your organization would like access to iCLIPART we can arrange special licensing upon request.

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