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July 23, 2012

What's in a keyword?

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

When it comes to romance Romeo knew a thing or two. In the practical world of keywording, however, you know that people searching for a 'rose' on will be calling it a rose.

With images added daily to the site, the job of making your perfect image easier to find by attaching appropriate words to it, is a worthy task. However, keywording is, as we like to say, a human science, and as such images are open to interpretation. For example, while finding stressed, dazed businesspeople when looking for 'rat race' makes sense, just using the word 'race' will also bring a few rodents into the mix.

Ultimately, because of the many variables and variations that must be considered when keywording an image, keep in mind that what narrows down a search for some will inevitably broaden it for others. It's wise, therefore, to use all the tricks at your disposal. On every effort is made to help customers separate the keywording wheat from the chaff. For instance, using the Advanced Search option for the aforementioned example for race, would enable you to eliminate any images that have the keyword rat by adding that word to the exclude box.

This option also gives you a chance to search within categories, or colour and black and white.

The bottom line is when approaching an image ripe for keywording, one must consider its potential, how it might be used, who might be interested in it and what can be done to help our diverse clientele find it, such as using both singular and plural forms.

So just for a bit of coffee break fun, we decided to offer a little challenge. Our staff came up with a list of 71 words applicable to this, as yet, un-keyworded image. How many can you think of?

What Folks Are Saying About Us…

You are the best---best quality, price, options for size and the best variety. I make cards for every holiday and I always find "just the right picture" to make the card pop and be unique. A friend and I make cards to send to the troops. We are currently making Halloween and Christmas cards and we are finding great pictures! Love your site!

Helen T. - Roswell, GA


What is the difference between all the file formats you offer?

Here's an excellent website that explains the differences in detail::!