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September 19, 2012

Invite to your wedding

It all began with a mother-and-her-girl discussion about invitations that culminated in a beautiful summer wedding in which was a major player.

Several months ago, after announcing her engagement, my daughter mentioned that she was having a black-and-white themed event and was hoping for a Victorian design with a modern slant for all of the stationery requirements. However, ever the thrifty child, she had set a tight budget so was also looking for economical options. The solution? DIY with's diverse selection as her muse.

The first search on the site turned up several appealing images in just minutes and eventually inspired project after project. In addition to the invitations, images from were also used for two styles of thank you cards and favour tags as well as part of the program. The bride used a Photoshopped combo of an image and a picture of the couple for the cover of the CD given as a memento to guests. An illustration of a striking bride was also used on the label.

(Our bride was actually so inspired that as host for a friend's bridal shower (with a movie theme) and her sister's baby shower prior to her own big day, she decided to use images in the invitations for these as well.)

Creating your own unique designs need not be intimidating for a novice. Finding and downloading the images my girl wanted was a breeze, of course. Then for the wedding favour tags and programs, the images were taken as is on the site and incorporated into the project. Doesn't get much simpler.

However, as she does have experience with image editing, she opted to be a little more ambitious with the invitations and used Photoshop to manipulate the images to get a different look. Ultimately, as my daughter said, the projects were, "as easy as I wanted them to be."

Let's face it, your wedding, possibly more than any other event in your life, should be an expression of who you are, and what you as a couple prefer. There are ways to make it perfect without breaking the bank, and is there to help. Do-it-yourself projects may take a little more effort but are usually well worth it in the end.


How do I remove the white box (background) from the image I want?

JPG files will always have a background since that type of file does not support transparency. In some cases the PNG and GIF files on our website will already have a transparent background. If you download one of the vector file formats you should be able to resave the image in your image editing software without any background.