Friday, October 19, 2012 - Some Halloween fun for little ones ~ October 2012 - Some Halloween fun for little ones ~ October 2012

October 19, 2012

Some Halloween fun for little ones with

A tour around easily reveals the diverse collection of images, photos, fonts and animations available.

However, as images are generally what people are looking for when they stop by our site, they may not always be aware of the many features available, designed to offer more efficiency, as well as valuable tips and tricks. The Advanced Search, as an example, will help busy businesspeople sift through the collection with more ease.

Color Image Button

Yet, while we do our best to make the site as user friendly as possible, not just for busy professionals, but for our mom and pop users as well, there is one feature, the sole purpose of which, it might be said, is more about having fun. Many people, particularly parents and educators, might be aware of all the wonderful black and white images on, that are perfect for tiny hands to colour or paint. What they may not have discovered is an option that allows budding artists to do this online. Adults will love that there's no mess and children will be entertained for hours. It's an excellent way, too, to learn more about using a computer.

So, with the frivolity of Halloween just around the corner, and a covey of cute black-and-white ghosts, goblins and ghouls, on our site, it seemed a worthy event to highlight this feature.

For this playful exercise we chose item #410101. Make sure first that you have pop-ups enabled on your browser. You will find the option for this in your browser Preferences. Subscribers should see a Color Image button below the preview. Simply click on this to get started. Select a colour from the palette and choose a tool. The paint bucket will fill in large spaces, or you can use the paintbrush to spend a little more time. There is also an eraser to repair those boo-boos.

Color Palette

When you have completed your work, click the Save option at the bottom right on the palette.

While the results may not be as professional as what one can accomplish with image editing software, this method can also be an option for those who need to edit an image, but aren't familiar with these types of programs.

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Love your website and I use it a lot. I love your newsletters, I learn something new each time. - Noelene J.M. Nevada


Can I edit/change the images I download?

Editing the images is fine. If you wish to use the images in a commercial project, you are required to edit them first. Changing (editing) the image should be a combination of the following: adding text, combining two or more images together, removing parts of an image, changing colours etc.

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