Thursday, December 13, 2012 - What to do when words aren't needed. ~ December 2012 - What to do when words aren't needed. ~ December 2012

December 13, 2012

What to do when words aren't needed.

Not everyone looking for images is experienced in the world of graphic design and image editing software. Not everyone has the artistic ability or the creative tools to see a visual concept and bring it to reality.

That said, more and more people are interested in images and what can be done with them. They use them in personal projects such as cards and scrapbooking, as well as to make their business cards and other commercial endeavours. Most of these projects will, of course, require the addition of text.

Visualizing how a finished product complete with words will look, and where those words will be most attractive, is not something the untutored may intuitively see. For these people specs showing how text would affect the aesthetic of an image are of great value. Many of the wonderful artists with have included examples of this in their collections.

However, while the visual aid is helpful, it can raise another issue. The question then becomes how to remove the "Sample Text" or "Your Words Here" from the image. The only answer is with image editing software.

For our purposes here we are working with the less complex web-ready graphics (PNG, JPG and GIF) familiar to most novices. The first thing to know is that you will want to select an image with a plain background. Anything with a pattern or gradient will be, if not impossible, then so labour intensive you'll have lost interest before you even get started on the actual project.

To begin we chose a PNG of image #430229, which has a white background.. We opened the image in Adobe Photoshop, then selected white as the foreground colour. We used the lasso tool to draw around the words we want to remove and completed the process with 'Edit' > 'Fill'. Alternatively you could just paint over the text using the 'Pen' tool.

Ultimately, the simplest way of removing text is with the vector files, which allow you to work with the paths and simply delete, or hide, what you don't want. Here is an example of how it's done using an EPS (image #445190) and Adobe Illustrator. You will notice that the 'eye' icons are missing from the paths containing the text making them invisible.

What's really exciting is that you don't need to be a professional nor must you purchase expensive software. All that's required is a desire to jump in and try. Searching online will turn up many free programs some of which will work with vectors. Here's a good starting point: Or check out this board on our Pinterest page:

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