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Jan 23, 2013

Creating your logo with

Your logo - it's a brand for your business, a definition of your style, your corporate identity. Coming up with the right design, therefore, is very important in this competitive world. You want something that will be recognizable while implying quality. It should stand out from others, impressing potential clients. It needs to say exactly who you are.

Professional basketball player LeBron James said, "There are teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, and you know exactly who they are and what they mean." That is what a logo needs to be, a symbol or design that tells the world this is you.

Having a polished design is imperative, but need not be complex. The simple Apple logo is often used as an example of how important a logo can be to a company's identity. On its own, an apple really isn't that big a deal; with a bite out of the side, however, it becomes something else entirely.

While simplicity is fine, as Apple has shown, style is everything. No one wants an amateurish logo representing their business. Then again, of course, everyone doesn't have the resources to hire someone to create a stylishly unique logo for them. Especially small-business owners, or those just starting out. What they need is a resource to provide them with some affordable options. Fortunately, there are many illustrations available on that have been created by our talented artists for use as logos. Just using 'logo' in the keyword search will result in more than 4,000 examples.

The only stipulation for using iCLIPART illustrations in your logo design is that the images can't be trademarked, in whole in or in part. The reason for this is that the image could already be in circulation.

Once you find the image you like, it may be all you need for a professional-looking logo. However, if you choose instead to use it as a starting point here's a link to a site that can offer some advice on creating your perfect corporate identity:

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