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Jan 23, 2013

Illustrate your story with

Among the many projects in which people use illustrations from are books. Where once upon a time only a select few writers were fortunate enough to see their work in print, modern publishing has made it possible for most would-be novelists and poets to share their stories, whether real or imagined.

However, having the talent to tell the story is one thing, the artistic ability to create the images for the front cover or inside quite another. And hiring an artist can be quite costly. The affordable option, therefore, is using images from, provided they are not intended as the focus of the book, but used solely to decorate it.

With the purchase of a subscription or images, authors are welcome to use our images in printed books up to 100,000 copies, after which they then need a Professional subscription. This means that if 10 images are used in one publication, then 10,000 copies of the book can be printed. For commercial purposes the images need to be significantly edited using a combination of at least two of the following: adding text, combining two or more images together, removing parts of an image, changing colours etc.

One of the most popular ways to publish these days, of course, is an eBook, which is permitted with the Professional subscription. Our terms of use describe an eBook as a verbatim digital version of a print book, delivered in a digital rights managed pdf, ePub, Mobipocket etc. file format for viewing on an electronic device.

Below are a number of sites where you can publish your illustrated eBook.

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I love adding a touch of "" to some of my work!! I would be lost without it! LOVE IT!! D. McLeod (DM Photography), Stratford, ON

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