Thursday, July 18, 2013 - You Too Can Be a Quick Change Artist. ~ July 2013 - You Too Can Be a Quick Change Artist. ~ July 2013

June 2013

You Too Can Be a Quick Change Artist.

If there's one thing we know here at it's that there are a lot of people making great use of our site in a variety of ways. From professionals with graphic design or IT experience, to students learning about copyright, from small-business owners looking for a brand, to folks who need an image for that special one-time project, they've all found what they're looking for with us.

But, while needs, as well as the level of computer and design expertise vary greatly among our customers, our terms of use are the same for everyone. So, whether you're in the business of creating promotional materials for others, or wanting an image to decorate a flyer for a fundraiser, you will, for commercial purposes, need to edit the images you use from our site. The terms of use state that changing the image should be a combination of at least two elements.

While a novice might first feel a little intimidated by this, they will soon find it's not as scary as they initially thought. There are a number of ways to alter an image: adding text, changing a colour, adding to or taking away from it, combining two images together, etc. Yet, while one's imagination can soar when working with illustrations, the task is admittedly a bit trickier when dealing with photos.

Trust us, though. Even then, you don't have to be a graphic designer to comply with the rules. There are fortunately a number of online resources and downloadable software programs (many free) that can make changing an image, even a photograph, a breeze.

Here, are some examples of 'edited' photos that were completed basically with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Though they literally took brief minutes, both meet the terms of use requirement.

Using photo #492148 and the quick tricks that are available on Macs with iPhoto, the first step was to crop out the tree at the right and the grass at the bottom. While this does affect the composition somewhat it's such a simple way to change the image it's worth it. The next step was to boost the colour several times. Voila! Two changes.

Here you see the before and after:

Using the same photo, this time we enhanced it, then boosted the shadows. For something a little different, we blurred the edges and antiqued it.

One photo, three different looks. As noted, these were intended to show some quick fixes. Once you find your way into a program, you can have all sorts of fun playing with the images. Here are just a few examples of free editing software from our Pinterest board (

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With the humidity and soaring temperatures, there's no question we're deep into summer. To celebrate the beauty and fun of the season we offer this photo collection from our site:

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