Thursday, November 7, 2013 - And in the Accounts Department we welcome... ~ November 2013 - And in the Accounts Department we welcome... ~ November 2013

Nov 6, 2013

And in the Accounts Department we welcome...

A new face has joined the team at Vital Imagery Ltd. Recently the company bid farewell to Accounts Manager Allyson Cardiff and with great delight has welcomed Jane McCutcheon to the position.

In her role at VI, Jane will be handling customer service calls as well as the day-to-day financial operations. Though she has had previous experience in those fields, Jane is particularly excited to use her knowledge of IT and software application to benefit the company. Prior to coming to VI, Jane spent two decades working for a company where she helped develop and implement new software to improve efficiency in administration and production, as well as gaining experience as a customer service manager.

"Now, when I'm speaking with VI customers, that background enables me to feel comfortable discussing operating systems and different software that will be of interest to them in using the images from our site. I love to be able to talk to people all over the world and use my expertise to assist them. I am well-versed on what customers expect from a company."

Never one to run from a new challenge, Jane is a self-described trailblazer, professionally and personally. Her first career move was working as a distribution operator for Ontario Hydro. "I was actually the first woman in the control centre and prior to that climbed poles training to be a lineman. I love new challenges and experiences and I'm not afraid of trying new things."

That spirit also took her to unexpected places in her personal life. Born and raised in the heart of metropolitan Toronto, Jane met and married a young man from the rural countryside of South-western Ontario. Now living on a mixed-farming operation, with her husband and two children (son Luke is a high school student, Hannah is off to university) Jane spends leisure time in a variety of ways though hockey is her first passion. "I have a love for the Leafs."

She also enjoys golfing, hot tubs, wine and photography.

Now Jane is excited to be working just a short distance from home with her new extended family at Vital Imagery Ltd. With enough time under her belt to be settled in to her the office chair, Jane says, "I like working for a company that understands what it takes to please people. The appreciation shown to their customers is shown to their staff as well. I love my job."

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