Tuesday, December 3, 2013

iCLIPART.com - Send a Christmas Card With a Personal Touch ~ December 2013

iCLIPART.com - Send a Christmas Card With a Personal Touch ~ December 2013

Dec 3, 2013

Send a Christmas Card With a Personal Touch

Christmas cards are an excellent opportunity for staying in touch with old and new friends, family near and dear. As technology has inspired variety, more and more people are turning away from the standard boxed greetings and exercising a little creativity to add their own personal touch in sending out seasonal messages.

Besides extending best wishes to loved ones, neighbours and friends, this holiday tradition is a great way of updating folks on how you're doing. To that end including a family photo has become a popular option. People who don't see you often, appreciate this memento. Rather than just slap that picture inside, however, why not make it part of the card?

We decided to give it a try using one of the fantastic festive backgrounds from the iCLIPART.com collection to frame a photograph of a father and daughter. It was quite simple and only required a few steps to complete.

To get things started you will first need to open a new file in Photoshop, then alter the size. For our purpose we went with a 6" width by 4" height. Next, go to 'File'>'Open' and select the image you have chosen. We opted for a subdued snowflake background (Image #536373). As this particular illustration was square, rather than rectangular, we did have to crop it to fit before dragging in onto the open Photoshop file.

To ensure an even border you will want the rulers visible. ('View'>'Rulers') You can now set the guides to create the guides to outline the frame, by choosing 'View'>'Show'>'Smart Guides', then 'View'>'New Guide'. Move the guides to set your border at the desired width.

With the frame in place you can now open your picture in Photoshop. (We selected #678791 from iPHOTOS.com.) Size it to fit the centre portion of the card, cropping if necessary, then drag it onto the file. If it's still a bit large, use 'Edit'>'Transform'>'Scale' to alter it. Hold the Shift button while you move in the corners to where you need them, then hit return/enter.

Finally, while pictures may speak louder than words, it's likely you will want to include some text. Choosing the fonts can seem a daunting prospect with so many choices available. Obviously in this case something festive is what you'll be looking for. In addition to the ones on the website, iCLIPART.com's Pinterest page gave us several Christmas font suggestions. You can check them out here: http://www.pinterest.com/iclipart/free-photoshop-resources/

We chose Allura for "Merry Christmas" and Prelude for "From our neck of the woods to yours." Using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop we clicked on the hat and snow to match them to the fonts. Simply highlight the text, click, and voilá - a Christmas card cover that's truly all yours.

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