Tuesday, June 16, 2015

iCLIPART.com - Using Photoshop's Clipping Mask. ~ June 2015

iCLIPART.com - Using Photoshop's Clipping Mask. ~ June 2015

Jun 16, 2015

Using Photoshop's Clipping Mask.

While many clients use images from iCLIPART.com for business purposes, there are a lot of projects that can be done with illustrations and photos which are purely personal. One of the most popular leisure activities for users of the website is scrapbooking.

And when it comes to talking about Photoshop's Clipping Mask, this particular hobby seemed to be the perfect choice for a demonstration of what this handy tool can do.

As everyone loves babies and they are a favourite subject in albums and scrapbooks, that was the focus chosen for this tutorial. For our purpose, we've selected a frame with adorable animals on a backdrop of flowers, hearts, circles and stripes as a starting point (Image #560893). This will be the first Layer after opening the image in Photoshop.

The photo we felt would be perfect for what would be the second Layer, is one of a sweet sleeping infant (#818803).

And now the fun begins. The first step is to turn off the photo layer.

Then, to replace the empty space with the baby's picture using a clipping mask, you would need to select the area inside the frame. In this case it's done quite simply by using the Magic Wand Tool and clicking the blank space.

The selected portion must then be copied to its own layer using 'Layer' > 'New' > 'Layer via Copy'. With the baby picture layer selected, create the clipping mask, which you will find under the Layer menu.

If, like this one, your photograph is a little smaller than the borders, you will need to increase the size to make it fit. The steps for this are 'Edit' > 'Transform' > 'Scale', then hold down the 'Shift' key, grab the corner of the photo and expand it to fit. Once it's done hit Return.

Also, as this picture is horizontal and the frame tilted we needed to use 'Edit' > 'Transfer' > 'Rotate' followed by the mover tool to get it on the right angle.

And that is it - a simple way to highlight a favourite picture using one of the great scrapbooking backgrounds you can find on iCLIPART.com.

A Useful Tip:

So you've found some images you really like but aren't ready to use them just yet. There's no need to download them, but how can you be sure you'll find them easily when you're ready to use them?

There's a special feature on iCLIPART.com, our handy basket system, that's the perfect answer. By creating baskets, or 'lightboxes', you can file images you want to find later without adding to your download history.

Using the baskets is quite simple too. At the top right corner of the page after signing in you will see in green, the 'Basket' link. Click this, then name each one. When you see an image you like, go to the drop down box at the bottom right to select the basket in which you want it saved.

A Featured Collection:

Chalkboard backgrounds have become a popular starting point for many projects including birth announcements and advertising. Here's a staff pick from our customer care specialist Lisa: http://www.iclipart.com/viewbasket.php?lbox=86551498.

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