Tuesday, November 8, 2016

iCLIPART.com - Finding the pleasure under November's grey mantle ~ November 2016

iCLIPART.com - Finding the pleasure under November's grey mantle ~ November 2016

Nov 7, 2016

Finding the pleasure under November's grey mantle

November has arrived, wrapped in a mantle of grey under which are hidden surprises. Though the late autumn weather can darken the spirits, it occasionally still treats us to bursts of colour and life. Primarily with the anticipation of a special event near month's end.

In just a couple of weeks, our friends south of the border will be enjoying one of the most significant holidays of the year. Nov. 24 is Thanksgiving, when life's pleasures are given their due as families and friends share time together. Blessings will be counted and gratitude expressed for them.

The new few weeks will be all about preparing for that celebration. Cheery images of turkeys, pumpkins and pilgrims are among our most popular downloads at this time of year as people rush to finish projects for personal and business purposes.

Thanksgiving isn't just about counting our blessings. Football and the Black Friday sales play a big part in the long weekend festivities too. As a result, retail stores are clambering to complete their Black Friday promos and advertisements, while football fans focus their search on pictures of touchdowns and tackles.

How exciting for all of the clipart seekers then that staff here at Vital Imagery Ltd. are busy adding thousands of new images each week in our commitment to keep content fresh.

Among the most recent additions is the popular Dover Publications collection. We couldn't be more excited about these amazing images coming to our iCLIPART.com site. New batches are being uploaded by our staff at a dizzying pace with the current number of images live on the site exceeding the 85,000 mark.

Since we know you'll love this amazing collection too, we want to highlight a selection here. Following fast on the heels of Thanksgiving is, of course, Christmas. What could be more timely, more perfect then, than these beautiful Victorian images from Dover Publications? http://www.iclipart.com/search.php?keys=dover+christmas+victorian&collection&tl=clipart&type=ADVANCED.

Also, as we enter the festive time of year, we encourage you to check out our updated End User Licence Agreement and reference chart: http://www.iclipart.com/chart.php. The changes open the door to countless possibilities once only covered by special licensing. Now with the purchase of a Professional subscription, you can use our images in such projects as eBooks and mass distribution for digital worksheets, documents and presentations.

Expiry Date: 31st November, 2016

In closing, as we seek and celebrate the joy to be found under late autumn's mantel, we invite you please to enjoy some of the recent posts from our blog.

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